Sustainable,Premium, Handmade and INnovative.

We base our initiative on manufacturing and distributing respecting both the environment and Nature, with a maxim in our principles of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.

“A path towards sustainability, we are AWARE, we are COMMITTED and we ACT”. Alberto García (CEO)


Each item is unique

100% Recyclable

Sustainable with Nature


Very resistant


Recycled carton


Innovation at your table


Industrial 90ºC

Made in

EU standards


turntable Plate

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Unique pieces made by hand following the most primitive manufacturing processes with quality raw materials. 100% Recyclable.
We manufacture on demand, average delivery time 15-21 days.

We innovate

Our designs satisfy the most demanding needs of both Professional and Amateur Chefs, presenting their culinary creations on thermosetting glass tableware that will not leave our diner or loved one indifferent.

Sustainable solutions

We manufacture respecting the environment through clean non-polluting processes, making the most of the energy used, the glass we use is produced from recycled material.


SAPHA 2022

Hemos participamos en SAPHA 2022 6ª edición del Salón de los Profesionales de la Hostelería de Aragón colaborando en el CAMPEONATO DE PINTXOS Y COCTELES, CORTE DE JAMON. >> VER <<

ChocoMad 2022

Estaremos en ChocoMad 2022 se celebrará en Zaragoza, cuna del primer chocolate , ya que dio entrada al cacao en Europa, en el Monasterio de Piedra se elaboró el primer chocolate.

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